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Your Books – 24/7

Real-time books on your smartphone, tablet or desktop!


Books ordered, funds managed, goals achieved.  All covered during regular consults.

Tax Preparation

Flat-rate, year-round tax planning services. Stop dreading tax time.


Flat-rated bookkeeping services available in real-time on your smartphone, tablet or desktop.


Total control over payroll with an intuitive, mobile interface. It’s all handled!

Small Business Performance

Regular consults to track your goals and results.  Collaboration is key.

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"The Robby Group helps me not only at tax time, but year-round. For me, this is a first. It's a huge relief to know my tax position long before tax time."
Marla – Marla Kaplan Art Direction + DesignTrue Tax Planning
"Owning a dog walking business is a dream come true. I used to stay up late at night worrying about managing the finances. Robby is available to answer questions and he even automated payments to dog walkers and vendors. The Robby Group is the perfect balance of service and technology."
Nancy – bow WOW! dog walksHuman Touch & Easy Technology
“I feel like for the first time, I can say with certainty that I know where my business stands. The Robby Group gave me the tools to makes decisions when I need to and even better, I get to focus on the reason I went into business in the first place."
Carol – Carol’s LinensTotally Personalized Service