Ways to Better Manage Your Cash Flow

Cash-flow – it’s a vital aspect of every growing business.  Below are some thoughts on how to best manage cash-flow and keep your business growing over the years. Your invoicing needs to be right  Great cash-flow management involves strong invoicing. Never … Read More

Small Business Year-End Checklist

The end of the year is fast approaching.  It’s never a bad idea to get an early start on getting your accounting information together and in good order.  The checklist below will help you do so. Make Sure You Understand … Read More

Small Business Story | LinkedIn Competition

Every business owner and entrepreneur loves to spend time managing the financials of their business – that’s why they went into business in the first place, right?  Wrong, they wanted to follow a passion or purpose or dream.  Unfortunately, that’s … Read More

In the News: Buckhead Business Show

Hear ye, hear ye… errrrr, us! Our fearless leader Robby Mathis was recently featured on the Buckhead Business Show’s podcast episode “Getting Your ‘Money’s Worth’ from Accounting and Retirement.” Click here to hear him dish on: What does an accountant really do? … Read More

In the News: Fall Frenzy!

Here at The Robby Group, we don’t just keep the books… we write them!  Or at least we’ve written quite a few articles lately. Our very own Chris Baudler was featured in two industry publications recently. Click the links below … Read More

5 Ways to Make Bookkeeping Quick and Fun 

Starting a small business means wearing a lot of hats – one of those is bookkeeper. That’s less time spent doing what you love. And, having a bookkeeper still doesn’t give you a way to stay on top of the latest numbers. Bookkeeping software has a bigger role than … Read More

Five Benefits of Cloud Accounting Software

Your business should work smarter and faster… The cloud gives you a better overview of your finances, and improves collaboration in real-time. Accounting, what a great and wonderful thing so many enjoy… Not something most people say. Ever. And, for … Read More

(Re)inventing the Wheel | A Hundred Year Old Model For Innovation

What happens if we try to “reinvent the wheel,” or any age-old model for that matter, even if it’s impossible or fruitless? Most, if not all, of us know the timeless story of the Wright brothers – two daring and … Read More

How To Make Accounting Addictive

“What happens when the traits of an age-old activity, such as accounting, mimic those of social media?” YOUR ATTENTION, PLEASE!! Read enough business or marketing articles and you’ll see a particular word repeated: attention. It’s the name of the game and is the key to successful products and services.  Focusing efforts elsewhere are a … Read More

Quick Tips for Record Keeping

Many business owners feel completely overwhelmed when it comes to accounting for their business. It is hard to keep up with all of the rules and regulations and be sure that you are not doing anything that will put your … Read More