Developing an Employer Brand – What HR can learn from Marketing

Branding an organization is nothing new for most companies. Going back to the dawn of the salesman/saleswoman, products were differentiated based on look, price, quality, perceived usefulness, and associated experience to name a few. As we stepped into the 20th and … Read More

Design a recruiting strategy candidates actually enjoy.

From job boards to college fairs, recruiting has lost its edge. According to Harvard Business Review, 66% of CEOs are concerned about finding the right talent for their organization; however recruiters are leading the search with tactics born when jobs were few … Read More

Recruiting Top Accounting Talent: What Prestigious Employers know that you don’t.

Hiring CPAs has again been ranked by Manpower as the 7th most difficult job to recruit for. For almost a decade now demand for high quality accounting talent has been growing, and the supply has been dwindling or non-existent. For … Read More

Quick Tips for Record Keeping

Many business owners feel completely overwhelmed when it comes to accounting for their business. It is hard to keep up with all of the rules and regulations and be sure that you are not doing anything that will put your … Read More

News Flash: Middle Georgia CEO

Extra, extra! Read all about us… We were thrilled to be featured in Middle Georgia CEO last week. Click here to check out the original post here, or read it below! Accountant Brings Unique Perspective to The Robby Group By … Read More

Small Business Start-Up Guide: Step Four

Okay, so you’ve evaluated your business. You’ve determined if there’s a market (because you wrote your plan) and you know know how to finance the business. Now, it’s time to make it all come together with step 4. This is … Read More

Small Business Start-Up Guide: Step Three

Now that you’ve walked through steps 1 and 2 (and you haven’t talked yourself out of it yet) it’s time to get down to business – writing a business plan that is.   In step three you’ll need to evaluate … Read More

Small Business Start-Up Guide: Step Two

So you’ve decided that you can take the risk, make the investment, handle the sacrifice and (gulp) start your own business. Now you’re ready for step two in our series of articles here on The Robby Group blog that will … Read More

Small Business Start-Up Guide: Step One

Thinking of taking the leap and starting your own business? Quitting the 9-5 and becoming your own boss can be one of the most exciting and terrifying times of your life. Of course there is a chance you may not … Read More