Employer Branding

Passionate and Engaged Employees are Key to Recruiting Success

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Attracting great talent is no small feat, but with a meaningful employer brand you will be amazed at how quickly you can recruit high quality candidates, and the level of performance your organization will achieve.

Integrating strong employer value propositions into organizational culture will mark the beginning of new business dynamics and a reinvigorated workforce. Companies that understand how important their employer brand is and take steps to design a strong employee experience will thrive and create customer and employee loyalty that stands the test of time.

Maximized Bottom Line

Engaged employees create more customer value, which in turn drives revenue.

Stronger Company Culture

Employer branding better defines company culture so that all employees communicate a uniform message and candidates know what to expect.

Enhanced Loyalty & Retention

Internal employer branding programs show employees that they are valued.  This creates happy employees who are terrific brand ambassadors.

Better Quality-Of-Hire

Deliberate employer branding programs attract more desirable candidates who fit with the company culture.

Decreased Cost-To-Hire

Talent becomes less expensive through the use of more formal referral programs and diverse online channels.

Improved Time-To-Fill

Branding programs drive more inbound candidate applications for a consistent and robust talent pipeline.

  • Identify your organization’s values, purpose, candidate and employee needs
  • Create value propositions to differentiate your employer brand from the marketplace
  • Design creative strategies to integrate your employer brand into one, unified candidate and employee experience
  • Measure the return on your employer brand.

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Chris’s work was fantastic. I was really impressed with the way he helped transform our recruiting and talent management process. Our employees couldn’t be happier and we’ve never interviewed so many awesome candidates. Our vision for the future came 5 years early. Thanks Chris!

— Director of Fortune 100 Financial Services Company (Atlanta)