Your business should work smarter and faster… The cloud gives you a better overview of your finances, and improves collaboration in real-time.

Accounting, what a great and wonderful thing so many enjoy… Not something most people say. Ever. And, for good reason. Since accounting first began, around the time of the printing press, it was done with pencil and paper. It’s had a few upgrades with computers over the years, but it was still boring and complex. It’s time for a change, we’re in the 21st century. We’ve got access to more information in our pockets than the president did a few decades ago. And, all that information is accessible because of the internet. Shouldn’t accounting catch up with the times?

Should accounting software be a chore to use? 

We don’t think so! But, traditional accounting software isn’t available in the cloud and is tedious as a result. Sucking up far too much of your time, effort, and sanity. No value is added there and it makes business boring, instead of fun – the way it should be. Cloud software allows you to change that while saving time and money.

What’s this “Cloud” you speak of? 

Ever used internet banking? Sure you have, it’s the 21st Century! Every time you do, you’re using the cloud. The cloud gives you access to data and software online anytime, anywhere, from any device. Why stay tethered to your hard-drive? There’s a whole world of possibilities out there.

Traditional accounting software has a few problems:

  • Neither the system’s data nor the software is up to date.
  • You’re locked to one computer and have to bounce data from place to place – as on a USB drive. That’s not reliable or secure.
  • User access is limited to one person. Meaning key people can’t access customer or financial data.
  • Backups are costly and complicated to keep – if they’re done at all.
  • Software upgrades are difficult and time-consuming, not to mention expensive.
  • Support for customers isn’t cost-effective or timely.

A match made in heaven: accounting software and the cloud 

Have a device with an internet connection? You can use cloud-based software. Having your accounting software online means, as a small business owner, you’re always connected to your data and an accountant. You’ve got a whole ecosystem of add-ons to integrate with the software. And, it’s cost effective, easy to use and scalable.

Forget about installing and running applications on a desktop; in the cloud, there’s no need. Just pay for the software by monthly subscription, and keep on moving.

World class security 

Sure, you’re probably concerned about storing your data with a cloud-service provider, right? But, you’d be hard-pressed to find a more secure way to store your data. Think, if your laptop is stolen they can’t access your data unless they’ve got your online account login. The data lives in the cloud, not your hard drive.

Take an earthquake, flood, or fire – having your data in the cloud means productivity isn’t affected as there’s no downtime. All your data is stored off site, safely and securely. If you can access the internet from a computer or smartphone, you’re back in business.

One more thing, go ahead and invite users to view your data, you control their access levels. Talk about an upgrade in security! Just think, no more old-fashioned, unsecured emails with your files attached or sending a USB with your data on it.

Airtight security and privacy of your company data. That’s what you get with cloud-based software companies. You already use online banking, so you’re ready for cloud accounting.

Five benefits the cloud brings to your business: 

  1. Real-time, crystal clear overview of your current financial status.
  1. Collaboration. Multi-user access simplifies working with your team and advisors.
  1. Spend more time doing what you love with automatic updates.
  1. There’s nothing to install and backups are automatic. You can update instantly and for free.
  1. Reduced upfront costs – gone are the days of version upgrades, maintenance, system administration, and server failures. It’s all managed by the cloud service provider.

Work smarter, not harder, with your data in the cloud 

Run your business from work, home, or on the go with the flexibility of the cloud. Be confident knowing how your business is doing real-time, wherever you are.

In the cloud, updates can be delivered and developed more easily and quicker. Meaning, immediate access to new features and no more concerns with installing the latest version. You love possibilities; we all do. So, why not run your business remotely, wherever you are in the world, with cloud accounting software? Well, the possibilities are endless with fluid and accessible data.

Go get ’em tiger!

Chris Mitchell

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