“What happens when the traits of an age-old activity, such as accounting, mimic those of social media?”


Read enough business or marketing articles and you’ll see a particular word repeated: attention. It’s the name of the game and is the key to successful products and services.  Focusing efforts elsewhere are a waste.

“Target the eyes.”  I’ve seen this several times. Where’s everyone looking, then? Smartphones. More specifically, social media. Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn.

Sure, you’re thinking, “Chris, what does accounting have to do with this?” You’re paying attention! Consider this:  if accounting were enjoyable in a social context would we spend more time on it? I’d wager, yes.

See, I lose hours on Instagram, Snapchat and LinkedIn regularly. Facebook isn’t my personal favorite, but more than a billion people spend at least 50 minutes on it daily – that’s a lot of likes! Which, honestly, seems a lot like addiction.

Are we all addicts? Pretty much… 

Thing is, addiction is negatively perceived. But, context determines perception, doesn’t it?  Love and connection could easily be considered addictive, for instance. So, where does this lead us then?

Well, let’s go back to social media; why are all those users going back?  Connection. One thing we all have in common.  Connection, or lack of it, significantly impacts our lives.

Here’s the rub: what if an otherwise “boring” activity, like accounting, took on those more addictive traits of social media? What are the implications? How would accounting change? 

So many possibilities, so little attention 

Imagine spending more time on what you love while also enjoying the necessary things you don’t love as much, like accounting.  Imagine easily managing important business tasks while going about your normal daily routine.

Approve payroll while waiting in line at the coffee shop. Send invoices while out to lunch or dinner. Reconcile while having drinks with a client or friends.

Ok, reconciling after a few drinks isn’t the smartest decision, but it’s a possibility. That’s why you started a business in the first place, right? The possibilities!

Now, imagine if everyone spent as much time on the “boring” necessities as they did on the “fun” luxuries. Imagine if we could gamify accounting and create a positive, competitive environment around it simultaneously. Well, fortunately, this is already happening.

But, there are still a few hurdles 

Small businesses and entrepreneurs all over Europe and in Australia are getting back to what they love.  In using accounting software designed to be user-friendly they can do so. Maybe it’s time we joined them.

This all starts with simplifying things. When something is simple it becomes more fun.  Then, we lose ourselves in it.  Also, if we perceive value to be added to our lives in the process it inherently becomes more addictive.

There’s a common problem still in place for many of us.  Keeping a firm grasp on our finances is a drain on time and energy. Why is this? Well, it’s not because we perceive it to be unimportant.  It’s just the opposite, actually.

See, our primary struggle is in that it feels too much like homework. Homework most of us know we’re going to fail from the start.  Which forces us to struggle to bring ourselves to do it.


Let’s make homework simple and fun! 

What if we could make this “homework” simpler? Allowing us to enjoy staying on top of it. The implications are far reaching. No overspending. No out of control debt. No regret over impulse purchases. In short, better decisions.

This is a fairly big change from our current state, obviously.  A change for the better, but a change all the same. And, change is never easy. Maybe, this time it can be, though.

Maybe, by taking notes from the successes of social media we can make things easier. Connecting accounting with our social lives will bring us a form of productive enjoyment.  Similarly, the more we enjoy something, the more time we spend on it.

Click here to learn more about getting back to what you love while still enjoying the “boring” necessities.

Cheers to making accounting simple and addictive.

Best, CM

Chris Mitchell, MBA | Director of Client Insight

The Robby Group | www.therobbygroup.com | cmitchell@therobbygroup.com

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