About Us

The Robby Group was founded on the belief that people are the most important asset to a company; whether executives, employees or clients. We work to ensure that our team members enjoy the work they do and the environment that work's done in. A happy team means happy clients. And, happy clients means a happy business. It's a big happy circle!

Chris Baudler, MBA, MA

Consulting Partner | People Strategy Leader

Ever since my first job at 13, I realized the best employees were the ones who loved what they did and went above and beyond for customers. From that day on I’ve dedicated my life to helping companies design workplaces that allow employees to do what they love and provide the best customer experience. 

Today I use my background in business, human capital, psychology, consumer research, organizational change, and big data to help clients design strategies that blow away the competition and drive sustainable revenue. 

Why do I have the greatest job ever?

I have the greatest job ever because I get to help other people have the greatest job ever. Every day I get to see employees become inspired to make the world a better place, take steps to make those dreams come true, and see the satisfaction of their hard work.  I truly have the greatest job ever.

Technical details that you should know:

  • Employee Experience consultant and researcher for State Farm Insurance
  • Organizational Effectiveness consultant for over eight years 
  • Masters Degree in Industrial and Organizational Psychology; MBA in Leadership and Organizational Change
  • Certified Six Sigma Black Belt

I’ve had the opportunity to work in amazing industries:

Financial Services, Banking, Non-profits, Construction, Utilities, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Education, Food Service, and Technology

I enjoy spending time with my wife and our newest addition, Woodford, a 4-year-old rescued cat. In our spare time, we travel the world in search of amazing food, delicious bourbon, and awesome adventures.

Robby Mathis, MAcc

Tax Partner

I set out to be a part of the American dream. The best part about the American dream is the simple fact that you could put me in a room with some of my best friends and colleagues and we would all have a different definition. For me, it wasn’t climbing the corporate ladder, instead, it was following my own path, that definitely includes: full-time attendance of the school of hard knocks and loving and hating every second of every challenge ahead of me.

I’ve been a part of “Corporate America,” and honestly, I can say I couldn’t have been in better company. I’ve forged some of the greatest friendships and grown professionally in ways otherwise unattainable. Now, it’s the perfect time to bring these kinds of unique experiences to the niche organizations of which I’m so deeply passionate. To me, I have the greatest job ever.

Why do I have the greatest job ever?

Easy. I get to be lucky enough to be a part of your passion. This is not your grandfather’s accounting firm!

Technical details that you should know:

  • Tax Consultant in the Tax Projects Delivery Group at PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC)
  • Management Consulting for more than five years prior to my Master of Accountancy from Mercer University (Atlanta, Georgia)

I’ve had the opportunity to work in amazing industries:

Coffee shops, lawyers, marketing agencies, yoga instructors, craft breweries, authors, automotive manufacturers, wire and cable manufacturers, tech startups, financial planners, and social entrepreneurs.

I enjoy spending time with my amazing family, four awesome rescue dogs, fostering dogs to make amazing new family members to other people, playing golf, catch totally pimp trout, and totally self-proclaiming a new title as bourbon connoisseur.