Every business owner and entrepreneur loves to spend time managing the financials of their business – that’s why they went into business in the first place, right?  Wrong, they wanted to follow a passion or purpose or dream.  Unfortunately, that’s not the way it usually goes for most businesses.  What we’ve found in the market is that these businesses have two ways of solving this problem: 1) do it themselves and save money, but lose time (which is still basically money!) or, 2) have a professional do it and save time, but lose even more money.  So, they’re losing money either way!

That’s exactly why The Robby Group was founded – we thought it would be great if small businesses, non-profits, and startups could have the benefits of both options and none of the negatives.  We strongly believe that, as the backbone of America, these organizations deserve the same tax advisory and accounting support as their larger, corporate counterparts.  And, they deserve it at a price they can afford.

You’re probably wondering how we do this, right?  Well, we leverage cloud technology, through an easy-to-use accounting platform called Xero, and advanced tax research and preparation software.  And, we do it for one reason – to ensure that clients are able to make the best financial decisions for their companies and their families, so they can keep growing over the years.

What we do has had a significant impact on the overall morale and culture of the firm.  Knowing that we’re helping our clients better pursue their dreams of running a successful business makes work seem a lot less like work.  It gives us great joy to see the change on a business owner’s face as the weight of uncertainty and doubt is lifted from their minds, and they know they can get back to doing what they love.

As it happens, one of the ways we get our message out is through LinkedIn.  We do so in two ways currently:  1) find business owners that we know would benefit from our services and interact with them in a direct, non-invasive manner via published articles and postings of relevant news.  LinkedIn allows us to approach them in a way that is considerate of their time and comes from a place of value from their first interaction with us.  2) keep up to date on how things are going for our current clients and maintain an understanding of where their business is tracking.  It allows us to know where they stand in their particular industry – through industry news and updates – so we can better help them adapt and stay on track.

We’ve also added our services to LinkedIn’s more recent addition, ProFinder – a freelancing-style platform that allows professionals to connect with potential clients in a more professional and credible manner than has been previously available.  We intend to use the platform as a way of leveraging projects we’ve done and are working on currently to provide our target clientele with a respectful, timely, and considerate manner of interaction via value-based content and perspective.

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