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Can I change my subscription?

  • Absolutely! We want what’s best for you and your business. Our mission is to help you save money, do better business, and keep growing – not to take all of your money.
  • We’re not in 1980’s Wall Street anymore people! No matter how convincing Michael Douglas might have been in that movie – Greed Is Not Good!
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Is there a contact for Xero?

  • Yes. We are a certified partner with Xero and have two designated account executives to help us in times of trouble and to prevent those times from happening.
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Do you provide accounting advisory services to help me determine appropriate tax status?

  • Yes. Our in-house CPA’s and accountants are here to help you make the right decision about how to best structure your business to ensure it’s future success.
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If I’m a Xero customer, do you provide a discount for tax services?

  • Yes, if you’re subscribed to our accounting services then the tax services will be discounted.
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What kind of industries do you support?

  • We support a broad number of industries as every business needs the help of great accounting and tax services. However, we advise potential customers/clients to only work with us if they feel it makes sense for their situation. We have no desire or time to work with a business or individual that is not a good fit for our organization and vice versa.
  • Schedule a 30-minute consultation to see if we’re a good fit.
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How much does it cost per month?

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How often do I have access to a CPA?

  • Your access will depend on your need – more complexity brings more need. If you need more access we can accommodate through our subscription based model.
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Is there a limit to the number of customers I can have on Xero?

  • No. Our enterprise level partnership with Xero allows us to add unlimited customers to your records for no extra cost to you.  Now go out there and get more customers!
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Is Xero accessible from my mobile device?

  • Yes.  Xero is accessible wherever you are on whatever device you are on.  Granted, we’re a bit partial to the mobile app, though, as it’s so user-friendly!
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Does Xero integrate with Square and other payment platforms?

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Do you do expenses? If so, how do you track them?

  • Yes. Xero allows you to track your expenses real-time via your chosen device. Once the proper tags have been created for common expenditures all that needs to be done is confirm and approve.
  • Eventually, this will become more automated with the addition of machine learning within the platform itself as the genius’s over at Xero keep making things better for all of us.
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Do you do payroll?

  • Yes, but more importantly you  won’t need us to.  We’re pretty confident you’ll enjoy using Xero so much you’ll do it on your own – which you definitely can.
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Do I still need QuickBooks?

  • Nope.  Of course, you’re welcome to keep it, just in case.  We don’t see that being the case though, honestly.
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How long does it take to transfer current accounting files to Xero?

  • Depending on the complexity and platform you’re transferring it from, the process can be fairly quick or a little slow.
  • That said, the average time to move a large, complex QuickBooks file to Xero is 2 hours.  That’s plenty of time for you to grab a drink and celebrate how much easier your life just became!
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Do you do bookkeeping for me?

  • We can, yes. It’s custom quoted for your business. And yes, it’s still fixed-fee. We always promise: no surprise bills.
  • However, we’ve found that our clients feel more empowered to do it on their own with the real-time financial data in Xero and an on-call adviser.
  • Sure, accountants make a lot of money doing books for you. We chose to invest in technology that empowers the business-owner or current staff bookkeeper to have a role. The best part is, we’re available for you. Don’t spin your wheels. Call for advisement if you’re unsure. 
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Are there any initial set-up fees?

  • Nope, just the monthly fee.  We plan on keeping it that way, too.
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