Every day companies build stronger relationships with job candidates with their employer brand. However, the true value of an employer brand comes when it is fully integrated into the day-to-day activities employees experience in their workplace.

Employer branding is the art of interacting with, engaging, and encouraging a person to work with an organization. Companies who have a great employer brand understand what motivates a person to join their organization, and they communicate those reasons in their recruiting and candidate-facing marketing materials. In today’s current war for talent, a strong employer brand can make all the difference in the quality of people who apply for a position and therefore how successful a company will be in achieving its goals and satisfying customers.

Talent branding takes this concept one step further and ingrains an employer’s brand into all aspects of the workplace and employee experience. How offices are designed and how day-to-day activities are conducted (interviews, training, meetings, performance reviews, etc.) can strengthen or weaken an employee’s commitment, satisfaction, and productivity. Just like great consumer brands, talent brands provide an experience employees yearn for and enjoy.

What does this look like from an employee’s perspective?

  • An employee who wears company colors because those colors represent who they are.
  • An employee who can’t wait to start working in the morning because they know their daily activities provide a meaningful service to customers.
  • An employee who constantly provides ideas to improve customer or coworker satisfaction because it’s the right thing to do, without expectations for compensation or rewards.

What does this look like from a company’s perspective?

  •  A recruiting, selection and performance management system where employees see the company’s purpose intimately interwoven in both words and experience.
  • An active concern for employee development and career pathing.
  • Transparent, authentic, and timely communications that help employees understand the impact their hard work has on customers.
  • Opportunities for employees to leverage their strengths and contribute to projects that interest them.
  • A work environment that provides employees a sense of belonging, interconnectedness and purpose as well as a thorough understanding of all business areas.

A strong talent brand allows a company to strengthen their relationship with employees through values-driven, meaningful communications, experiences and tasks. Employers who achieve this will create a workplace full of people who love their job and provide customers a truly wonderful experience.

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